Literati and Half Price Books are filling shelves in Central Texas homes


With the 20 Books by 2020 initiative under way, the need for books to distribute through our programs with healthcare (Rx), education (Ed), and community (Go) partners. It is these partnerships that allow us to reach children and families in need across Central Texas.

Two of our greatest supporters in launching children into a world of reading are Literati and Half Price Books. Through their generous book donations, they continue to support and empower young minds through book ownership.


Literati is an online kid’s book club. Every month five new exceptional books are delivered to doorsteps. These books are age-appropriate and curated around a specific theme (such as art, adventure, science, mythology, history, culture and values).

Children can explore the books for up to a week, keep the ones they love, and return the rest in the enclosed pre-paid mailer (shipping is free in both directions). Literati donates the returned books to our education and community programs.

Literati makes exposing children to a planet of possibility easy while also fostering a lifelong love of literature. They are true advocates of the 20 Books by 2020 initiative and continue to directly support children in Central Texas by giving them the childhood books they need to succeed as adults.

The Literati team filled up our van with a wide variety of children’s board books, picture and elementary chapter books.

Half Price Books

Half Price Books is America’s largest family-owned bookstore with more than 120 stores across the country. This bookstore has been dedicated to literacy and environmental initiatives since 1972.

As we continue to work to get the right books to the right kids at the right time, Half Price Books is contributing toward the 20 books by 2020 initiative. Through their Million Book Donation Project and the Half Pint Book Drive, they continue to donate thousands of children’s books each year.

Both Literati and Half Price Books invest in their community through the gift of books. The people behind the scenes believe in the need to nurture young lives with stories that inspire, challenge and mystify children.

Without the generosity of Literati and Half Price Books, thousands of children would be missing out on being lifelong readers. On behalf of all BookSpring staff, we would like to thank you for your generous book contributions.

Rotary Club of Austin volunteers collected over 1,000 books from the Half Pint Book Drive for programs with our healthcare (Rx), education (Ed), and community (Go) partners.

Literati and Half Price Books are filling shelves in Central Texas homes
Donated Books
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