Volunteer Spotlight: Kara Hooper

“The heart of a volunteer is not measured in size, but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others.” – Deann Hollis

Meet Kara Hooper, who began her volunteer work with BookSpring in July 2018. Kara is an educator currently on sabbatical and spending a year in Austin. Kara chose to volunteer with BookSpring after researching nonprofit literacy organizations in the city.

“BookSpring promotes literacy in a concrete way by putting books in children’s hands. I plan to volunteer for the entire year that I am spending here,” Kara said.

She believes books in the home and shared reading experiences are critical to a child’s development.

“I developed a lifelong love of reading thanks to my parents modeling reading as I grew up,” Kara said. “Several teachers and librarians also fostered my inquisitiveness and desire to read.”

As a parent, Kara felt introducing books to her children was an important part of her parenting. She has seen firsthand the benefits of having books in her home, which is part of why BookSpring’s mission resonates with her.

Since starting her volunteer work, Kara has sorted and bundled hundreds of books. Of that experience she said, “I really enjoy sorting books because it offers a walk down memory lane from my own years of reading and reading to my children. I love the idea of another child’s imagination being ignited because he or she end up with just the right book in their hands.”

Kara is beginning to assist directly with BookSpring programs by going out to read aloud to children at local schools. She is looking forward to getting a glimpse of where the books she sorts end up.

Kara’s favorite book to read aloud is Captain Pugwash by John Ryan. She added, “These days I enjoy seeing my children tearing through some really gripping adolescent literature such as The Stars Beneath Our Feet.”

Thank you, Kara, for helping to ensure that local children have the books they need to read and succeed!

Farewell and best wishes! The BookSpring staff and volunteers will miss you dearly.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kara Hooper
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Volunteer Spotlight: Kara Hooper

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