Recognizing Our Board of Directors

As another school year ends so does the service of some outstanding board members. These individuals are deeply committed to sharing their love of reading with Central Texas. Please join us in offering a heartfelt thank you to Beth, Jan, and Jerry for their years of service! Though we are sad to see them go, we wish them continued success in their endeavors.


Beth Hallmark joined the BookSpring board in 2012 and has served two terms. Her expertise in writing, editing, web, social media, and program evaluation served her well during her time as president of the board and on the luncheon, research and evaluation, and marketing and public relations committees. Her passion for books and helping kids reach their full potential made her an ideal BookSpring board member. Beth has been a joy to work with under her inspiring leadership.


Jan Stone was on the BookSpring staff from 2009-2011 and joined the board in 2015. She strongly believes education breaks the poverty cycle.  Families have many challenges, they don’t want to see their children fail; they just don’t have to tools to help them succeed. Jan knew that early literacy ultimately opens so many doors for them. She is passionate about increasing their access to books in the home.  Jan’s dedication and expertise have been invaluable, as we have grown in size and scope over the past few years! We are so thankful for her service.

Jerry Negrete joined our board in 2015. Her enthusiasm for children’s books and strengthening family bonds kept her committed to our mission. She served as chair of the Nominations and Governance Committee. Jerry never failed to share the mission of BookSpring and reading early and often, as we are sure she will continue to do. We will miss her dearly but know that she will continue to champion the cause!

We are looking forward to the welcoming a new slate of officers and board members to our ranks and introducing them shortly!

Recognizing Our Board of Directors
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Recognizing Our Board of Directors

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