KVUE Five Kids Who Care Announced

When we highlighted Luke Arney last year, we knew he was special. We are so glad he has received this additional community-wide recognition!

Luke has dedicated himself to improving his community since he began high school when he first volunteered and collected books for BookSpring.

The young philanthropist chose to advocate for literacy because he understood the power of words. Luke’s life has been filled with stories that encouraged, motivated, and inspired him to seek a need and work toward betterment.

Luke’s understanding of the influence books has on the quality of education received by children also contributed to his continued efforts.

“Quality education is something that can take a child from a disadvantaged place into one with better circumstances and can affect the rest of their life and family,” he said.

His passion for enriching children’s lives continues to drive his advocacy of literacy and getting books directly into the hands of children who need them the most.

Luke’s Little Free Libraries from his Eagle Scout Project remain in use at our BookSpringEd program schools: Blackshear, Houston, and Metz Elementary.

Click here to watch Luke Arney KVUE’s Five Kids Who Care video 

Click here to read Luke Arney’s blog story. 

KVUE Five Kids Who Care Announced
KVUE Five Who Care
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KVUE Five Kids Who Care Announced

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