Wanted: Healthcare Professionals Who Care About Academic Success

Social science research shows a statistically significant correlation between the size of home libraries and children’s future academic success. According to Unite for Literacy’s book desert map, which analyzes variables including income, ethnicity, geography and languages, at least 70% US households have fewer than 20 children’s books in the home. 20 books at home is a predictor of 3 more years of schooling over those who don’t have books.

BookSpringRx partners with doctors to deliver books into the hands of children

BookSpringRx makes it possible for your practice to support pediatric literacy. They make this possible by providing a steady stream of books to participating healthcare providers, as well as tips for parents to stimulate family literacy practices. Doctors give these books and materials out during early well-child checks. The result is an increase in children being read aloud to at an earlier age, and an increase in academic success.

Parents believe in the importance of reading – and it improves their satisfaction of care!

BookSpring conducted a study in 2016 through 2017 that involved 1150 families about reading practices and satisfaction of care. The message “read a book together twice a day” was considered “very important” by 1.75% more families in the treatment group and those families reported a 2.24% increase in reading to their children “every day.” The results showed a strong positive difference of 4.23% in the providers who delivered books and reading messages over the non-participant providers in families reporting “extremely satisfied” with their care. In addition, the office was viewed more positively, with a difference of 1.91% in “would you recommend the office to your families and friends” category.

Pediatric literacy is fun

Doctors who have partnered with BookSpring or other pediatric literacy proponents have commented on the joy of handing a book to a child at the end of a check-up. “It’s such a fun and good thing to do at the end of an examination!” Partner with us to get started in supporting the children in your community who need books!

Wanted: Healthcare Professionals Who Care About Academic Success
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Wanted: Healthcare Professionals Who Care About Academic Success

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