Volunteer Spotlight: Teresa Hanan

Teresa Hanan is a native Texan from Pasadena. When she is not busy building early literacy in Central Texas, the UT alum enjoys cooking and gardening in her spare time.

Teresa began volunteering as a community reader last Spring.

Although, she is no stranger to working directly with children. Teresa has a background as a social worker who worked on Child Abuse Prevention and Parent Education programs.

Teresa is a mother of three who previously spent her free time volunteering as a classroom reader and helping with reading groups at her children’s schools.

As a child, Teresa received a set of Dr. Seuss books from her aunt which she loved! When she became a mother, she adopted favorite books to read with each of her children that matched their personalities.

“When my kids were little we had favorites for each of them: Where the Wild Things Are for my eldest—it was just a fun book to read aloud and it fit his personality perfectly. My daughter loved all books but my favorite book to read with her was Miss Spider’s Tea Party. It was just a delightful, fun book– and who does not like a tea party! Our youngest son was a Curious George fan and we read them all. George was very similar to our son—very curious!”

Teresa is an asset to BookSpring’s work in the community. She is always eager to engage children with fun books and a powerful message on the importance of reading.

“It shows the children you care and want to spend time with them, and it hopefully develops a love (or at least a good interest) in reading which is so important to their development and education,” she said.

Teresa enjoys all her volunteer projects. “I just love being with the kids and sharing reading with them,” she said.

Teresa also helped amplify our early childhood curriculum by helping create new engaging lessons for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers.

Volunteer Spotlight: Teresa Hanan
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Volunteer Spotlight: Teresa Hanan

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