Volunteer Spotlight: Wayne Glander celebrates 10 years!

By Amanda Shaver, Community Partner Manager

Wayne Glander, or “Justin Beaver” as he is known to the students he encounters while driving around town delivering books, has been instrumental to BookSpring’s literacy efforts in the community for the past ten years.

Wayne has done everything from helping with the initial painting of the BookSpring buildings to assisting with the selection and purchase of the new BookSpring delivery van.

Not only is Wayne a reliable and dedicated volunteer, he’s also quite a character! He’s never without his hat which is festively decorated with Reading is Fundamental pins, two stuffed beavers, and various other colorful adornments.

Drawing on his background as an archaeological consultant, Wayne’s been known to slip into another persona—Dakota, cousin to Indiana Jones—to teach students about dinosaurs and fossils during their Books for Me weeks!

Wayne said his most memorable volunteer moment was serving as the driver and tour guide for Lynda Johnson Robb when she was in town two years ago to speak at the BookSpring luncheon. Although, that moment is followed closely by every time a young student asks “Justin Beaver” for his autograph!

Wayne continues to stay so involved because “You folks keep it fun and I like to keep busy and motivated.” He also believes it’s essential to promote reading to children because it establishes children’s views of themselves as readers and builds their imaginations.

Recognized on BookSpring’s Bookcase for a Better Childhood, Wayne’s book spine credits H.G. Wells with inspiring his career: “Wells was a visionary; I was a historian.” Wayne’s favorite book growing up was Wells’ The Time Machine, a book he said: “offered a way to time travel.” Originally from Wahpeton, North Dakota, Wayne has been in Austin for the past 40 years.

We at BookSpring are fortunate to have known him for 10 of those years—benefitting from the fact that Wayne began volunteering immediately after his retirement! Thank you, Wayne, for your incredible service! Over 500 Thursdays spent volunteering in the BookSpring office! You are truly remarkable.

Wayne is currently reading Destiny’s Road by Larry Nevin. (Because at BookSpring, we always need to know what everyone is reading.)

Volunteer Spotlight: Wayne Glander celebrates 10 years!
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Volunteer Spotlight: Wayne Glander celebrates 10 years!

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