Birthday Bash for Books!


Mariela Rodriguez, BookSpringGo Director

Earlier this month, BookSpring Champion Dan Rourke celebrated his 60th Birthday with a mission. This was no ordinary celebration. He requested no presents in lieu of putting the spotlight on his 6 favorite charities, including BookSpring!

He encouraged his friends, family, and other attendees to donate to one or more of the beloved nonprofits he and his wife Kali’ Rourke support.

As a child, Dan’s family frequently moved and, as an introvert, he often found himself with no friends so he turned to books. It was just a matter of time before he fell in love with reading.

“I would read instead and fell in love with Science Fiction and the places I would go with those stories,” he said.

In his leisure time, the genre remains his first love. However, Dan said, “I also enjoy non-fiction where I can dive into a whole new understanding of a field or a community that I know nothing about. I am also particularly fond of books on the application of behavioral economics to life and business.”

Dan decided to give his friends a memorable time while deterring attention from himself for this milestone birthday. He wanted to give back to the community.

“Kali and I were talking about what to do to celebrate my milestone birthday. We discussed a party, but I am not big on being the center of attention and I don’t really need anything. Kali said something about tying in a charity aspect and it just clicked and made perfect sense,” he explained.

The party featured the musical stylings of the Matchmaker Band, and the night was filled with great food, drink, and merriment. This festive fundraiser was a success for all who were included.

When asked why he supports BookSpring, Dan said, “I was lucky enough to have books easily available in my life and they were a help and a refuge for me. I grew up in a happy middle-class family. I can’t imagine struggling with much more challenging circumstances and challenges without that. Kali and I support BookSpring to give the gift of books to others.”

Dan’s favorite children’s book is Harold and the Purple Crayon. He has fond memories of sharing this story with his daughters Dani and Devin. Dan recalled how once they knew it by heart, he would change the words to crazy, nonsensical things. “They would love catching and correcting me,” he said.

Message from Bookspring

Thank you, Dan and Kali, for believing in the power of books and the impact they can have on a child’s life!

Through the continuous support of Champions like Dan, we can continue to work toward a world where children and families read and succeed together!

To learn more about BookSpring Champions visit: www.bookspring.org/champions/

To contribute to the increase of presence of books in the home visit: www.bookspring.org/give/

Birthday Bash for Books!
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Birthday Bash for Books!

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