Over the Moon!

At BookSpring, we are just over the moon this fall – even though it’s time for a solar eclipse! (okay, we’re a little out of sync…) We’ve got a collaboration in the works that has brought so many people together and we are truly excited about it!

The Girls Scouts pictured, Fiona Randazzo, Lilia Marshal and Sylvia Randazzo, from troop 1566 at Pease Elementary put in over 15 volunteer hours to create a fantastic flannel board activity for our new motivational activity kit “The Moon and Stars!”

The girls were working on a community service badge and did great work researching the wonders of the world and making a quality activity for the young students!

“It was really fun” said Lilia. This new kit was developed by volunteer Teresa Hanan and will be used with children at Child INC Head Start centers during their Books For Me events where each child will also receive a “forever” book!The students will also visit the Long Center for the Performing Arts as part of the project to see the play “A Moon of My Own” by the Pollyanna Theatre Company.

BookSpring is working in collaboration with Pollyanna and Child INC to bring the arts alive for the young children and their families, with support from the Texas Commission for the Arts and a grant from RackSpace.

Special seatbelts were made available so that all the children will be able to travel to the theatre!

This play is extra special to us. Local author, Jennifer Rustgi, donated many copies of her book, A Moon of My Own; to BookSpring last year.

After seeing the book on our shelves, Judy Matetzschk-Campbell, E.D. of the Pollyanna Theatre Company was inspired to have it adapted for the stage. We are beyond excited to be part of this debut production. We hope that you take your family to see it too!

So many extra special people have come together to make this effort come to pass. We are thankful for the scouts, volunteers, authors, actors, staff and friends that worked so hard on this project! Que bella luna!

Over the Moon!
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Over the Moon!

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