My Summer with BookSpring

By: Gauri Dhruva, BookSpringGo Volunteer 

Signing up to be a Community Reader through BookSpring was a unique experience and I am very glad I got to be a part of it. I will admit that in the beginning, I was a bit hesitant to volunteer because this was an activity that required a lot of interaction with young kids, something that I didn’t have much practice with.

However, I found myself engaging with the kids like I was one of them. Throughout the hour, the kids were so into the stories and characters, it was quite the sight. They seemed so mesmerized by every word and picture I was reading and showing to them.

I felt so good knowing that I made reading entertaining and fun for them!

The kids all had smiles stretching from ear to ear as they left with the books they picked out to take home. I had such a wonderful time with the children that I signed up for another read aloud the following week. I am glad I got to create a lovely memory for myself and for them.

Summer Volunteer

Gauri volunteered at our office three days a week for the past eight weeks. She assisted with our gently used book inventory which was crucial in supporting literacy this summer. Gauri was a natural with the children at the Housing Authority of the City of Austin sites, most importantly she had a rewarding experience which benefited children in the community.

Gauri is a student at Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park. We wish her the best of luck this upcoming school year!

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My Summer with BookSpring
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My Summer with BookSpring

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