Pollyanna Theatre presents All Aboard!

Pollyanna Theatre Company and BookSpring have partnered up again!  Pollyanna’s current show, All Aboard, is great for children of 18 months to 4 years of age.  All Aboard, by Bethany Lynn Corey, is a play for very young children that brings the world of transportation to life through colorful characters and motion.

The main character, Dani helps her friend Flash discover which vehicle will be the best way for him to get back home to his place in the starts, and it isn’t a bicycle!

The company’s goal is to produce high-quality professional theatre for Austin’s youth regardless of their location or ability to pay. Relevant new plays are constantly being written and produced for child audiences. Pollyanna’ plays are intended to enrich the vocabulary and experiences of children before they enter formal schooling.

Pollyanna and BookSpring and with generous support from the Texas Commission for the Arts, three centers from Child INC were able to see the play and then receive a Reading Ride themed Books for Me book distribution. Adult readers were also provided through our volunteer program to help activate the children’s pre-literacy skills.

Language continues to come to life through the gift of theatre and developmentally appropriate books and activities for some of our youngest growing readers, as we continue to build home libraries!

Pollyanna Theatre presents All Aboard!
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