Read Alouds with Bedtime Story Brigade

One way BookSpringGo builds early literacy through the community is through book giveaways and read alouds! BookSpring receives generous donations of gently used books through the ReBook program.

The books are then distributed throughout Central Texas to pediatric medical clinics, community outreach centers, family shelters, libraries, and other social service organizations.

St. David’s Episcopal Church is one of BookSpring’s ReBook partners. Bedtime Story Brigade is their initiative that benefits from ReBook.

Every second Wednesday of the month, a group of committed volunteers go to the Salvation Army. They  set up the room, color pictures, put out treats, read aloud, and help the children pick out books.

“We bring snacks and goodies as is appropriate and then mingle with the kids as they color or make crafts and eat their treats,” said Bedtime Story Brigade volunteer.

The initiative benefits the parents who get a break for an hour or so as well as the children who are engaged in read alouds and given books to create a home library.

She added, “The children enjoy a read aloud by Betsy a retired librarian that really brings the books to life during her readings. Then they get to pick out several books of their choosing to then take with them.”

ReBook supplies at least three books per year to 80,000 homes to ensure children by the age of eight have a home library of at least 20 books.

Read Alouds with Bedtime Story Brigade
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