Building Home Libraries in Del Valle

BookSpring’s goal is to help each child we serve have 20 books in their home by the year 2020. We would like to highlight one of our partners that is already actively providing books to their children to make sure this goal is met. We are so thrilled to partner with Scott and Gail and all the fantastic teachers at the Del Valle Child Development Center (CDC)!

By Scott Wille, Principal of Del Valle Child Development Center

At the Del Valle CDC, we believe that literacy is the key to future success. We strive to create home libraries for our students. To accomplish this goal, we distribute books to children multiple times each year. Children receive books at least twice per year through our collaboration with BookSpring, once in the fall and again in the spring semester. This Valentine’s Day, they will receive and extra book from BookSpring.

We also allow children to choose books that are provided through the school, using fundraiser monies, for International Reading Day, Winter Break (delivered by Santa when they take a picture with him), Dr. Seuss’ Birthday on March 2nd, and for Día de los libros-Día de los niños/Children’s Day-Book Day (April 30th). Using this approach, children at our child care center receive at least six free books each school year. If a child attends our center as an infant, and stays until age four, he or she will have received at least 24 new books for their home library.

We encourage children and families to participate in the 1,000 Books before Kindergarten campaign. When children read and log 50 books, they receive a pencil or bookmark. For every 100 books they complete, they receive a free book from the school.

In our front office, we have a Little Free Library. Children can choose free books anytime, and parents bring books to be recycled once their child has outgrown it or has lost interest in the material.

The last day before Winter Break, we hold a Book Exchange in every classroom. We ask parents to send a book that will be given to another child, and in return their child will receive a gifted book. To ensure that all children can participate, we provide books for children who are financially unable to provide one.

Every child that leaves pre-kindergarten at our center receives a free book at the promotion ceremony. Parents and children love this tradition!


Building Home Libraries in Del Valle
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Building Home Libraries in Del Valle

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