Volunteer Spotlight: WE Communications

Volunteers from WE Communications pose with McBee Elementary Librarian Heather Stephens after spending the day volunteering in her library.

WE Communications employees here in Austin have been volunteering with BookSpring for the past three years, and they very rapidly earned the distinction of “the GT Group”–that’s Gifted and Talented for those of you not in the education world!

Each year, lucky schools benefit from the creativity of these fabulous volunteers through projects such as library transformations and special reading events.

Webb Primary School’s library was turned into a crazy mad scientist’s lab, Guerrero Elementary got a monster maze, and Galindo Elementary had a winter traditions of the world reading event.

The efforts of these dedicated volunteers ensure that students are truly immersed in the books that they enjoy through BookSpring’s program.  Volunteers help students have a story experience—not just a story time!

The BookSpring Go program encourages individuals and groups to share their talents through volunteering to ensure that children feel connected to their community and inspired to see where reading can take them.  Thank you WE Communications!

If your business or organization is interested in volunteering, please contact Amanda Shaver at 512-472-1791, ext. 101 or amanda.shaver@bookspring.org.

Visit https://www.we-worldwide.com/ to learn more about WE Communications.

Volunteer Spotlight: WE Communications
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Volunteer Spotlight: WE Communications

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