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Building Early Literacy In Education

Building on more than 40 years of community-based practice, BookSpring’s education programs offer a comprehensive set of supports for educators to supplement efforts to improve reading scores as well as social emotional learning.  Books for ownership are directly provided to low-income students, increasing the chance that their home library will be both numerous and of personal interest to them.  Personal choice is emphasized as a means of creating intrinsic motivation to read. Training is offered to teachers, librarians, and parent support specialists in best practices in reading aloud and supporting young readers, including book choice, vocabulary scaffolding, discussion prompts, and follow up activities.

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Ed Framework

  • Who do we reach? Children/students (0-12yrs)
  • What do we do? Distribute new and used books, motivational activites, educational materials for parents and assist educational professionals in reading promotion
  • Where does it happen? Elementary Schools, Pre-Schools, Early Childhood Centers, Child Development Centers, Charter Schools (mostly low-income serving)
  • When does it happen? During school hours, over Summer Break, after school and out of school hours
  • Why does it work? Improve educational outcomes and influence motivation to read and learn
  • How is it supported? Program Fees (on a sliding scale based on free/reduced lunch percentage), grants, donations, volunteer time

Ed Programs

Books for Me & Early Books for Me

Books for Me motivates children and families to read together through book ownership, motivational activities, and family involvement in children’s reading. Modeled on the much-loved Reading Is Fundamental program, Books for Me is implemented in preschools, childcare centers, elementary schools, high schools (with expectant and parenting teens), and through home-based parenting programs of other nonprofits.

Parent Book Clubs and Training of Trainers

Parent Book Clubs are six week literacy training programs for parents of toddlers (ages 3 & 4) that improve literacy skills of both parents and children. Through role modeling and guided practice, BookSpring encourages parents to read in family settings with their children to enhance their ability to succeed in school. We are now offering trainings and materials for sites to replicate this successful program, shown to improve both number of books in the home and frequency of reading aloud together as families.

Professional Training Workshops

BookSpring supports childcare and education professionals by providing expertise and support for excellence in reading aloud to very young children. We are currently launching a series of Parent Engagement and Early Childcare Provider professional development seminars offered to early childhood educators. Gain the benefits of our many years of promotional reading expertise for your program, school, or agency.

Our programs are made possible by volunteer support on an ongoing basis, which community members and companies can apply for year-round.