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Summer Success

Ed: Building Early Literacy In Education

Are you a professional educator who cares about giving your students the best possible opportunities to succeed by building a strong foundation of early literacy? Are you looking for new ways to engage parents and support learning during out-of-school time? Then please consider becoming a formal partner of BookSpring through any of the following programs.

Books for Me

Books for Me motivates children and families to read together through book ownership, motivational activities, and family involvement in children’s reading. Modeled on the much-loved Reading Is Fundamental books for ownership program, Books for Me is implemented in preschools, childcare centers, elementary schools, high schools (with expectant and parenting teens), and through home-based parenting programs of other nonprofits.

Summer Success

Building from a national models including Harvard READS for Summer Learning, BookSpring is offering a classroom-based program for 1st and 2nd grade teachers to provide reading supports such as vocabulary and oral comprehension together with a distribution of 10 career-themed books before the summer break. Initial results are showing that the program not only stops, but actually reverses the “summer slide” in reading skills for many students.

Contact BookSpringEd Manager Shannon Thorne at shannon @ bookspring.org or (512) 472-1791 x 110 for more information.