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Supporting all children to read

teen and child reading outdoor wall

by Sophia Toprac BookSpring would like to take some time to shed light on the topic of reading disabilities. About 85% of students with learning disabilities have been described as reading disabled. The process of learning is made… Read More

The difference a book can make

Can you imagine not having any books? Or growing up without every opportunity to read and succeed? Dana grew up in a house with no books, newspapers, magazines, or even a bookshelf. Her family was very poor and… Read More

A reading resolution

by Joan Wabschall, RN, MS, BookSpring Champion. A friend of mine sent me a book in the mail recently and hoped that I would like it. I did not: I loved it! It is “The Reading Promise: My… Read More

Reading to Young Children Makes Lasting Impact

by Christy Anderson It makes sense: the more a child reads, the better a child gets at reading. But studies are showing that being read to is just as critical to a child’s growing literacy and language development,… Read More

Don’t Stop Reading to Older Children

by Sophia Toprac An article recently published by the New York Times that discusses recent studies that reveal the benefits of reading aloud to your child. The article points to studies done across the nation that found that… Read More