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La importancia de Libros bilingües / The Importance of Bilingual Books

por Cynthia Ivey The English translation can be found here. Todos sabemos que aprender a leer es fundamental para combatir el analfabetismo.  Hay muchos libros en inglés.  Pero ¿qué si inglés no es su primer idioma, o un… Read More

Being with BookSpring

by Emily Ball Cicchini, Executive Director I recently passed an anniversary with BookSpring. I cannot tell you how blessed I feel to have been given the honor of carrying forward this worthy vision of creating a more literate… Read More

The right book for the right child

Introducing a child to reading is one of the most rewarding events anyone can experience, and people like Emma DeBoer, a former BookSpring employee and now a librarian, strive for these gratifying moments. Ms. Emma DeBoer sat down… Read More

Supporting all children to read

teen and child reading outdoor wall

by Sophia Toprac BookSpring would like to take some time to shed light on the topic of reading disabilities. About 85% of students with learning disabilities have been described as reading disabled. The process of learning is made… Read More

The difference a book can make

Can you imagine not having any books? Or growing up without every opportunity to read and succeed? Dana grew up in a house with no books, newspapers, magazines, or even a bookshelf. Her family was very poor and… Read More