Adopt a Site: Underwrite a Partner's program fees

Adopt a Site

Improve Early Literacy at a Site Near You

We are proud to have over 200 community partners enacting early literacy promotion supporting this work with modest program fees, but our program funding only goes so far. Even with many generous gifts that we are thankful for, we have to turn away qualified partners every year.

Please consider underwriting our programs and services fees in your neighborhood, community, or zip code to keep them affordable to our partners and available to deserving children. You can see your investment’s transformative impact as $2,500 will support 250 children; $5,000 will support 500 children; $7,500 will support 750 children, or $10,000 will support 1000 children at the location of your choice.

After the contribution and the program placement have all been put in place, we’d be happy to set up a site visit so you can see your dollars in action. Most programs are on an annual cycle and need to be set up at certain times of year (Ed & Go), but some can be set up year-round with shorter notice (Rx).

Please contact Andrea Angelo, Director of Development & Marketing, at (512) 472-1791 x 104 to discuss your ideas for support, and learn more about how your time, dollars, and volunteers can be involved in early literacy through BookSpring. We are always open to customizing partnerships for the benefit of all parties.

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Map of our Partner Sites: