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Improve Early Literacy at a Site Near You

We are proud to have over 150 community partners enacting early literacy promotion in Central Texas, but our program funding only goes so far. Across all our programs the average cost of providing books, materials, and activities is $25 per child. Even with generous gifts from individuals, we have to turn away qualified partners every year.

Please consider underwriting our programs and services in your neighborhood, community, or zip code to keep them affordable to our partners and available to deserving children. You can see your donation’s impact near you by making a gift of $2,500 to support 100 children; $5,000 to support 200 children; $7,500 to support 300 children, or $10,000 to support 400 children at the location of your choice. We’d be happy to set up a site visit so you can see your dollars in action.

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