How to Create a Reader Friendly Home

Mariela Rodriguez, Communications Director 

The promotion of literacy at home has long term benefits for the whole family. Reading together not only has developmental benefits, it increases the parent-child bond, creating healthier relationships and a more solid sense of security and empathy long-term.

Create a reader friendly environment that inspires you to read together with these simple steps. 

  1. Create or continue a read aloud routine. Read together at the same time each day from your child’s infancy through their school age years.. Be sure to select a comfy spot to make read aloud time an anticipated part of your child’s day.
  2. Make books accessible to your child. Having a special place for their books will demonstrate how valuable books truly are.
  3. Be a reader yourself. Modeling for your child is key. Show them how much you value books and reading.
  4. It is important to provide choice. Provide a balance of books, magazines, newspapers, and poetry for them to select. It is important to have some easy reads as well as some books your children can grow into. You don’t have to buy all the books. Share and trade with friends, use your local library.
  5. Read  book before you watch the movie. Engaging your child from beginning to end in exploring different worlds can open their eyes in new ways. Discuss characters and story plots to gain a better understanding of their perceptions.

Early read alouds by fluent adults  for naturally curious children is critical to the development of the language centers in the brain. The nurturing act of reading together has benefits that extend into adulthood. Memories of these interactions are often deeply rooted in one’s relationship with books as an adult.

Through our programs, BookSpring is helping to educate parents on the tremendous benefits of reading with their child twice a day. Consistent exposure and immersion in  language can promote future academic success. We believe in building brains with books!

BookSpring is a participant of the UCommunity – UPrinting Nonprofit Sponsorship Program which prints materials for parents. A special thank you to Uprinting for their quality and speedy service!

How to Create a Reader Friendly Home
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