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Mariela Rodriguez, BookSpringGo Director

Parenthood is full of little moments with big implications. It’s full of surprises and truly heartwarmingly irreplaceable moments. Your child’s first step, their first day of school, or listening to them read their first book. Moments of wonder, exploration, and inquiries.

Parenthood can have its challenges as well. Nowadays, everyone seems to juggle a myriad of daily responsibilities, leaving parents with only enough time to accomplish routine tasks: homework time, dinner, bath time, and bedtime.

Vroom is a national initiative created by the Bezos Family Foundation. Caregivers, of children 0 – 5, are provided with messaging and tools that show the science behind the importance of the first five years of life.

By turning everyday moments into brain-building moments, parents are empowered to maximize their time with their child while nurturing their growing minds.

For parents on the go

Parents can use Vroom in their daily routine with their children. “Brain building moments” are created through these activities. Opportunities to guide children, based on their age range, in a valuable learning experience.

By playing copycat with your newborn (Ages 0-1), imitating faces they make, you are helping them learn to express and understand their feelings. Using bedtime to reflect and discuss both of your days can be a fun way of building your child’s memory and vocabulary, while building a stronger bond (Ages 4-5).

Great for new parents

First time parents of all socioeconomic levels can encounter an initial sense of doubt. Doubt that they know the best method to teach their child an essential skill or how to interact with them appropriately. You are not alone. Doubt is a normal part of parenting.

Luckily through Vroom you get several quick steps you can take toward fostering your child’s developmental growth so that you feel like an expert “brain builder.”

Accessing Vroom resources

The flip cards are available online at joinvroom.org with a PDF available for download. Parents can also download the free Daily Vroom mobile app, which enhances daily tasks and sparks new ideas.

Vroom Community Activations

Austin is among other cities throughout the country adopting the Vroom messaging and providing their tools to caregivers.

As a community leader in early childhood, United Way for Greater Austin (UWATX) is leading the local Vroom initiative by coordinating and managing the Vroom activation through its’ community partners, like BookSpring.

UWATX believes healthcare providers are well positioned to influence and advocate Vroom resources to parents. Vroom materials will be distributed through BookSpringRx partners to reach more families. Together UWATX and BookSpring advocate and work toward building a community of readers in Central Texas.

For more information about United Way for Greater Austin‘s Vroom Initiative, contact jessica.dominguez@uwatx.org

To learn more about BookSpringRx programs visit: www.bookspring.org/rx/



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