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Go: Building Communities with Books


By Mariela Rodriguez: BookSpringGo Director

When children and youth reach their full potential, the community flourishes. A sense of community is the foundation by which many lives will be shaped across Central Texas.

“It takes a village” or so the odd adage says. Over time collaborative efforts will ensure a steady flow of access to books, shared reading experiences with those who love books, and information on the importance of reading, to families.

Through BookSpringGo, books are reaching families where they are, through community partners at afterschool care programs; at community fairs and literacy nights; churches and ministries; community rooms or centers; and health clinic waiting areas. These books are also filling shelves at schools with no library system in place.

BookSpringGo connects individuals with a passion for the written word with communities to share their love of reading. Volunteers who are passionate about making an impact through books because they can pinpoint the moment a story transformed their lives while growing up.

Access to books support the development of a holistic wellbeing. Stories have the potential to revolutionize the way a person perceives the world and their place in it. By increasing access to books, we are also increasing the access to a wealth of knowledge, which can lead to building a more vibrant community.

By creating these reading aloud experiences, the message that reading can and should be incorporated into a family’s daily routine is reinforced. Reading opens our minds and leads us to a path of success. This remains an essential message to consistently share with one another.

BookSpringGo builds early literacy through the community one book at a time.

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