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Spotlight: Howdy Honda General Manager, Cliff Collier

The future of this country relies on our youth. On the most basic level, a person that cannot read will always be dependent on someone else for their information.”
– Cliff Collier, General Manager of Howdy Honda

Being a responsible member of the Austin community is part of the Howdy Honda mission statement. A former school teacher, Cliff Collier knows how important a strong educational foundation is for children. After hearing an organization exists to motivate and encourage young people to read and increase their own knowledge base, Collier and Howdy Honda became involved with BookSpring through its Read-A-Thon. Howdy Honda was a leading sponsor of the 2009 Read-A-Thon and moved to Presenting Sponsor for the 2010, 2011, and 2012 Read-A-Thon’s. “While there are literally hundreds of worthwhile projects in the greater Austin area, because we are only one organization, we can only do so much. If every business in our community would get involved in just a few worthwhile projects, it would make a huge difference.”

Collier regards literacy as a key to self-sufficiency and future success for our youth and society. He notes “every important decision they make in their lives will require them to independently research their options to determine what is right for them. An individual without the ability to read and discern information will never be able to feel the security, confidence, and happiness self-dependent people feel.” Collier believes we should do everything we can to insure our youth have the tools to lead fulfilled lives. “If we equip them with the tools they need, not the least of which is literacy, they can be successful.”

When he is not hard at work at Howdy Honda, or helping out the Austin community, Collier enjoys playing golf, fly fishing and mountain hiking and snow-shoeing with his wife, Chris. Of course, Mr. Collier also enjoys reading a selection of books that “run the gamut” from biographies and spiritual to business, and fiction. Like a true reader, Collier typically reads several books at a time. His favorites include A Team of Rivals by Kearns Goodwin, The Agony and the Ecstasy by Irving Stone, Unbroken by Laura Hildebrand, and anything written by Vince Flynn.

Cliff Collier is an altruist and philanthropist of the highest order. He remarks, “not only do we make a living doing something we all love to do, but we have the pleasure and honor of giving back. It’s a wonderful concept.”

BookSpring is extremely grateful to Cliff Collier and Howdy Honda for the sustaining support of Read-A-Thon. We are proud to partner with incredible individuals and companies making a lasting and profound impact in our community.

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