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Wonderful “Read-A-Thon” stories

Every year I am touched by the wonderful stories I hear about the Read-A-Thon and the amazing activities taking place in our schools to encourage reading!

Austin Girl’s School held “Drop Everything and Read” time and the entire school stopped to read for BookSpring- even the head of school for 50 minutes! Now that’s reading time!

Casis Leadership also held a “Read-In” one day after school and students came into the library after school to read and log pages. Students also brought in books to donate to BookSpring’s ReBook program.

I also met a teacher in the grocery store who confessed that she was pledging .10 for students who did not have sponsors. Her words “I could buy a Valentine treat for the class or I could help buy books for other kids.” Wow- is that amazing or what?

One middle school teacher asked her students to locate the price of the back of their favorite paperback and asked her students to raise the price of that book so they could share the gift of reading with a child. What does a paperback of Harry Potter go for these days?

I had a sixth grade student in my car last night who told me about calling his grandmother with the number of pages he had read so far- 1500!! He was worried that her generous pledge was going to be too much but grandma assured him that she believes “all kids should have books” and it was okay. Thanks Grandma!

Lili Cantu, BookSpring’s BookClub Coordinator, has been giving daily updates on her daughter’s progress. So far Sophia has surpassed her goal of 1080 pages to 1144 with 2 more days to go!

If you have more stories to share, please email!

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