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Ready, set, read! Getting ready for kindergarten

Submitted by: Michelle Heward, Reach Out and Read Program Manager

I have been reading to my five year old daughter since she was an infant. Now, at age five, about to start Kindergarten, we still read the “baby books” she …

Don’t Be a Zax

Submitted by: Brett Smith

Reading, for me, is about time with my girls. Every night, after bath time, we sit down to read their favorite books. Like most parents, time with my kids is precious.

My girls have grown up …

Because we couldn’t narrow it down to just one book – My girls’ two favorite books

Submitted by: Katie Phillips

We read to my three year old twin girls every day. While there are many books that they love to read, their two favorites – one for each – are quite unique.

Lester’s Dreadful Sweaters by

A Lesson in Girl Power from The Paper Bag Princess

Submitted by: Ellen Curtis

I have such fond memories of this book from when I was a little girl. Although I think it is now available in full size, I distinctly remember my well-worn version was a very small mini-book. …

Building the Habit of Reading, One “Me-Ow” at a Time

Submitted by: Amy Silvey

Every night, after the bedtime protests have subsided, my 6-year-old daughter picks out the books we’ll read together. “How many can we read?” she always asks. My answer will vary from two to three, though I’m …

Where the Wild Things Are

Submitted by: Jay Papasan

Sendak’s 1963 classic about the night Max is sent to his room is just 338 words. But those words have sold more than 19 million books, inspired an animated movie, a live action film, and even …

How I Learned to Read with The Read-It-Yourself Storybook

Submitted by: Kellie Clark Moy

I actually recall the moment that the electrical spark in my brain, called reading, occurred.

It was 1974. I was 4 years old and sitting on the floor of the family den with my copy …

One (of the many) books my child knows by heart

Submitted by: Vickie L.

Ever since he was a baby, we have a daily ritual we’ve done with my son, who is now almost 3 and a half. Every night after bath time, he gets into his pajamas, and sits …

Join AmeriCorps: ROR Volunteer Coordinator/Play to Learn Assistant

Be a part of the Texas Family Literacy Initiative, an 11-month AmeriCorps program, hosted by the Literacy Coalition of Central Texas.  Work at BookSpring as a Reach Out and Read Volunteer Coordinator/Play-To-Learn Assistant.

Employee will work ½ time …

Learning to Say “Pooh-Pooh”

Submitted by: Hannah and her amazing mom

I started reading Madeline to my daughter Hannah when she was tiny, around 2 months old.  We’d read it two to three times a week before bedtime until she was at least 2-and-a-half, …

Our Favorite Classics: A Mom and Daughter Interview

A Keller Williams Red Day Interview

We were lucky enough to spend a few minutes with Jenny and her two-year-old daughter, Sadie, at Half Price Books to find out what they are currently reading. What did we learn?

The classics …

Inspiring the joy of reading

Submitted by: Jac Laczko

Ever since I was little, I loved the feeling of having a book in my hand. From Barbara Park to Markus Zusak, the endless words never ceased to inspire me. Even now, I posses a deep …

Reading “City Dog, Country Frog” – Again and Again

Submitted by: Erika W. and Audrey W.

My husband’s aunt gave City Dog, Country Frog to our daughter Audrey on her first birthday. Audrey has always been an animal lover; in fact, our whole family fell in love with this …

“Parr” for the Course

Submitted by: Amanda Black

When the need for giving a gift arises, my go-to author for children’s books is definitely Todd Parr. I love Todd because his books are brightly colored and all about inclusion. My kids especially love The …

Beat the heat with summer reading

Remember the last day of school? Anxiously waiting for the bell to ring? Thoughts of swimming pools and playgrounds running through your head?

Summer is supposed to be fun – a break from the routine of school and homework. Unfortunately, …

Read Across Austin wraps up

Submitted by: Shelley Renee, Read-A-Thon Manager

Another exciting Read-A-Thon year has come to a close with 23 schools, 1,941 students and 367 teachers in the Austin area joining together to read, have fun, and raise funds for children’s literacy.

This …

BookSpring Volunteers Make A difference

Submitted by: Amanda Shaver, Volunteer Manager

The schedules that people keep these days can be incredibly daunting; as a society, we are busy. We are busy people with busy lives and schedules that we can maintain only with the kind …

The power of books

Submitted by: Christina Nelson, Librarian at T.A. Brown Elementary

Personal Background

Reading has always been my escape. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to read. Some of my favorite childhood memories were when my mother would take …

A priceless gift

Submitted by: Marty Kennedy, BookSpring Volunteer

Ahhhhhhhh, the bedtime story. What a wonderful thing. There is no better reason to get snuggly and cozy with your little ones, dazzle them with adventures and spark a passion for reading which will …

A picture paints a thousand words

Submitted by: Janelle Nichols, Guest Blogger

The phrase, “A picture paints a thousand words, “ is one that definitely applies in my case. In the picture you see a mother and daughter lying in bed reading. What you don’t see …

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