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Reading All-Stars!

Monday, January 26, – Friday, February 6, 2015

Ready to be a Reading All-Star?
Register here starting January 2015!

How to Register and Collect Donations:

  • There are two ways students can collect donations.
  1. REGISTER ONLINE using this website, create a personal Read-A-Thon page, and collect donations over the BookSpring website using PayPal.   Readers must register online on this website to accept donations online. Online registration begins in January, 2015.
  2. Collect CASH donations and turn in the donations with the student’s envelope to their teacher on Thursday, February 12th.

Make checks payable to BookSpring

– Every student, even if they collect all donations online, must fill out and turn in their student envelope to their teacher.
– Students can collect all their pledges in cash donation form and turn in the cash or checks in their student envelope to their teacher on Thursday, February 12.
– Online donations will be accepted beyond the Thursday, February 12, prize eligibility deadline.
– Please go to PRIZES or DATES & DEADLINES pages for details on prize eligibility.
– INDIVIDUAL readers (students whose school is NOT participating) can contact BookSpring Read-A-Thon directly to receive more information about receiving a Read-A-Thon Reader envelope.
– Students are NOT required to register online to participate in the Read-A-Thon.

To Register Online:

  1. The student reader receives permission from their parent to register online and create a profile page.
  2. The student reader registers on this website.
  3. During registration, the student selects their school from the drop down list.
  4. If the student’s school is NOT in the drop down menu, they register as an INDIVIDUAL reader and type the name of their school in the field provided.
  5. All students type their Teacher’s Last Name in the field provided.
  6. All donations received for that student will also be counted in their classroom total and in their school total.

– To see a listing of 2013 participating Read-A-Thon schools, click here.
– Find a picture of the Online Registration page layout at the bottom of this page.

What if your school is NOT on the Participating School List?
Participate as an INDIVIDUAL Reader!

- You can still Read Across Austin if your school is not on the Read-A-Thon school list.  Sign up as an INDIVIDUAL reader, type in your school’s name, read, collect donations, and receive prizes.  BookSpring will make sure to coordinate with Individual Readers to ensure prize eligibility.

Teachers & Classrooms

Do teachers register as a teacher or register their classroom online?
Teachers DO NOT register their classrooms online!
– Each student will type in the Last Name of their teacher when they register and create their profile.
– All donations received for that student will also be credited to their classroom total and their school total.
If a teacher is participating as a Reader, tracking their minutes and pages, and collecting donations — that teacher can register online and create their own profile page!
– In this case, the teacher would put their own Last Name in the teacher field.


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